Home of The Bring Back Knightmare Campaign

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The undisputed, all-powerful, amazing source of all things Knightmare. Official, in an unofficial kind of way. Contains an enormous number of audio, and video clips as well as being the home to the Knightmare RPG and chat room.

The Knightmare trading post
An important site to get ahold of episodes of Knightmare and other related material. This is especially important to get your friends addicted to Knightmare so that they will sign our petition.

The Knightmare Homepage
The first fansite dedicated to Knightmare. Owned by Johnny Burkhart.

An upcoming project/game/show that seems to have a resemblence to the original Knightmare show. Worth checking out!

Facebook group
There is a rather large facebook group for bringing back Knightmare. You will need a facebook account to join, but anyone can see it.

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