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Many have asked what can be done to bring Knightmare back. In truth, there is nothing that can really be done for sure. The only thing we can really hope to do is to let the broadcasting networks know that a sufficient number of people want the show returned. With the introduction of digital TV, the number of channels available to UK watchers grows larger every month. If Knightmare was as popular as it was (and we think it is) then it shouldn't be too hard to get a new home.

But how do we achieve this? Well, that's what this list is for. Some of the things here only take a moment and can add a fair amount of support to our campaign. Others will take more effort and should only be used by Knightmare-addicts. Finally, some are just silly and should be done when drunk or otherwise mentally incapacitated...

  1. Sign the petition! It only takes 45 seconds to fill in the little form and it takes us one step closer to completing our goal. The petition (when it reaches a sufficient number of people) will be sent to the relevant broadcasting networks. The petition will stay around indefinetely and will be sent every time a milestone in the numbers is reached.
  2. Get your friends to sign the petition. Then get them to get their friends to sign the petition. If you pass the site on to 10 people, who pass it on to 10 others then we have 100 signatures! Get your friends to add their name to our list. Let them give their support and bring back Knightmare! Ask them to look at this page to see if they can help in other ways. Tell them what a short amount of time it takes (45 seconds) and how badly you want them to sign it. Offer them bribes if required.
  3. Add a link to your website. We have a number of humourless and generally witless buttons and banners that can be added to your website with the minimum of difficulty. It probably only takes about 45 seconds, too. You don't need to download any graphics and they won't take up much (if any) space on your page. Below are some exampes along with the code to display them on your site:

    Bring Back Knightmare!
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Bring Back Knightmare!"></a>

    Bring Back Knightmare!
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Bring Back Knightmare!"></a>

    Bring Back Knightmare!
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Bring Back Knightmare!"></a>

    Bring Back Knightmare!
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Bring Back Knightmare!"></a>

  4. Tattoo your body with the above graphics. Preferably parts of your body that people see regularly. This will obviously depend on the person in question.
  5. Write a letter. The different broadcasting networks all have addresses which you can write to, stating how badly you want Knightmare to return to TV. You will usually get an unsatisfying letter back saying that either your request has been noted/passed on, or the network is currently unable/unwilling to show Knightmare due to various reasons. However, you should remember that no single letter will convince the networks to put the show back on. Your letter will be one of many that will be read, and noted. Your letter will have a bigger impact than the reply will make out.

    The relevant addresses are as follows:

    Controller of Children's and Youth Programmes
    BBC Television Centre
    W12 7RJ

    Controller of Children's and Youth Programmes
    ITV Network Centre
    200 Gray's Inn Road
    WC1X 8HF

    Channel 4
    Controller of Children's and Youth Programmes
    Channel 4 Television
    Horseferry Road

    Channel 5
    Controller of Children's and Youth Programmes
    Channel 5 Broadcasting
    22 Long Acre
    WC2E 9LY

    Head of Programming (Sky One)
    British Sky Broadcasting
    Grant Way
    TW7 5QD

    Head of Programming
    15-18 Rathbone Place
    W1P 1DF

  6. Get ahold of a Knightmare T-shirt and wear it with pride. Wash it each night, and wear it again the next day. Every day. Convince your friends/partner/coworkers that this is a good and worthy goal. Convince them to do the same. Reproduce the shirt and dress up your dog/cat/goldfish/fridge in the same way.
  7. Start your own broadcasting network. If the broadcasting networks won't work with Knightmare then get a new broadcasting network. Show Knightmare on it at 4:45 on Fridays. Watch as the other networks go green with envy at your "new" show. Engage in "ah-ha, told you so" conversations with the relevant controllers of each television network
  8. Tell all your friends about Knightmare. They already signed the petition (step 2). Now tell them what a great show Knightmare was (and will be when it is brought back). Tell them to read all about it on also get them to download all the movie clips. Show them your old collection of videos. Watch their amazement at the world of knightmare, and their anger when they discover that the show was axed. Turn them in to Knightmare fanatics and get them addicted to the show.
  9. Join in on the Knightmare chat sessions at, relieve your obsession by playing the RPG. Help to build up the fan community.
  10. Last on the collection, but certainly not last in the list. Keep visiting the BBK website. Show your devotion by following our progress as the campaign unravels. Watch, help and do whatever you can to bring our favourite show back on the air!
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