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What was Knightmare?
Knightmare was a fantasy based game show for children. It was shown from 1987 - 1994 and was produced by Broadsword. The principle of the game was that one person (the "dungeoneer") would wear a helmet and be guided around a dungeon by a team of 3 advisors through various traps, puzzles and riddles. The quest of the team was usually to retrieve an object from the dungeon (the crown, sword, cup or shield). In the dungeon were 3 levels, each of increasing difficulty (level 1 being the easiest, followed by level 2, and then level 3). Teams would rarely be successful in completing the game, with usually no more than one team ever winning in a season.

How was the game made difficult?
Firstly, the dungeoneer had no idea what was happening. The helmet that they wore was designed to prevent them from seeing where they were, enabling them to only see objects directly beneith them. This means that the dungeoneer would have to be guided around the dungeon by their advisors. Not an easy task when fast reflexes are needed! The game would be made more difficult by the various puzzles, traps and riddles that the dungeoneer would have to go through - answering questions, avoiding fireballs and solving puzzles. Finally, the dungeoneer had a limited "life force". This was measured in 3 stages (green, amber and red). When the life force expired, the dungeoneer would die. Life force could be restored by putting food in the dungeoneer's knapsack.

Who were the main characters of Knightmare?
Knightmare has featured a number of different characters over the various series. New ones arrived, and old ones left. Probably the two best known characters were those of Treguard the Dungeon Master. The person who was responsible for guiding and helping the team along and Lord Fear, the chief of the opposition.

Where can I learn more about Knightmare?
The main source of all things Knightmare-ish is

So, what does the campaign aim to do?
We are aiming to try and bring Knightmare back to TV screens in the UK.

Why was the show axed in the first place?
The main reason was that CITV (the channel which hosted the show) decided that the people who were targetted by Knightmare (11-16 year olds) were moving away from TV shows and were moving towards computer games and satelite channels for entertainment. They therefore made the decision to scrap the show and stop showing it.

How popular was Knightmare?
Very popular. At its peak, it is believed that somewhere in the region of 5 or 6 million viewers watched Knightmare.

Is your campaign likely to be a success?
It depends really. The various broadcasting networks aren't losing anything right now, so in their eyes there will be little point in taking a risk with an old show (despite its previous popularity). They have much to gain by putting it on, but if they aren't losing anything to begin with, they won't have any reason to take any "risks".

I just saw the number of signatures drop! Why?
Sometimes we get inappropriate submissions (spam), which we are forced to delete. Occasionally, others try to 'help' us by making multiple submissions in the mistaken belief that this improves the power of our campaign. Unfortunately, neither of these things help us, and to preserve the quality of our petition we are forced to spend time deleting such entries. Obviously that reduces the number of signatures and causes the counter to drop. We try to avoid this by a number of automated methods which are in place to preserve the integrity of our petition, but occasionally some slip through the net.

How can I help?
The best thing you can do is to sign our petition (which will take about 45 seconds). If this still leaves you desperately wanting to help then you can see our Help us out page for more ways in which you can help out the campaign.

umm, I still have a question which wasn't answered here...
Feel free to contact us and ask.

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