Home of The Bring Back Knightmare Campaign

The campaign was originally started by Paul McIntosh, the owner of The Eye Shield (the Knightmare magazine he started up as the successor to the official club newsletter) in 1995. However, due to the difficulty of reaching supporters, as well as a lack of interest in broadcasting networks in showing any children's TV programmes, the campaign had little success.

In 1999 the campaign was re-launched at, which took advantage of the internet and managed to collect approximately 2000 signatures before the petition closed. Sadly one of team responsible for collecting the last half of the petition died, and the petition closed. In November 2001, the 1000 signatures available was sent off to various TV channels by Tom Murphy, of which the responses can be seen at in The Eye Shield section.

This new campaign was launched a few weeks later. Its aim is to collect even more signatures to send to the broadcasting networks. All of the signatures are stored electronically in our online database and when we reach a sufficient number of signatures we will print them off, together with a letter and send it off. We intend to continue this process, collecting more and more signatures and support until either Knightmare is returned to our TVs, or a suitable substitute is provided.

You can help us out in just 45 seconds by signing our petition and adding your name to our growing list of supporters.

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